Pondless Vaults, Wells, Ecoblox

ECO-BLOX Water Matrix Cubes for pondless features

The Eco-Blox water matrix, provides water storage, with strength and durability. The new, triangle-shaped openings allow for greater water mobility throughout while still preventing solids from slipping through. In addition, the H-beams criss-crossing each of the eight panels that make up each Eco-Blox provide increased comprehensive and pointload strength to make your basin last a life time. A reservoir filled with eco-blox holds 3 times as much water as one backfilled with gravel alone.

Dimensions of Each EcoBlox: 27”L x 16”W x 17½”H
Capacity: 31½ Gallons each
Max Stress: 33.8 PSI
Application: Pond-free / Fountain / Rain Harvesting